Are You A Pioneer?

Are you a Pioneer? The journey can be so hard and not fully knowing what is to come can be scary. It always feels like you are starting over again & again & again. No one said it was going to be easy. No one told you about the sleepless nights. No one said that there wouldn’t be tears. No one told you that you will want to quit, almost daily.
But no one also told you that you will be discovering things about yourself that you never knew. No one told you that you will become stronger because of what you are learning about yourself. No one told you that you would be a leader and create greatness for others to follow. No one said that you have everything within you to create the destiny that you were built to create.
Are you a Pioneer? Because if you are, the road is not paved. The road is hidden under the bushes, dirt, stones & trees and you will need to carry your sword & shovel to remove these things that are standing in your way. You need to create the road that you are meant to walk on. You need to try and try again & again & again. When you break and fall, you need to get up, wipe the tears, wipe the off the dust and as hard as it is, you need to keep going. Why? Because YOU ARE A PIONEER! 
Here is my got to song when I am crying & laying in the dirt, thinking about quitting…

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