5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There

If there is one thing I know, it’s that in order to create a fun life and Live Beyond Satisfied™ meal prepping is a must. It doesn’t matter if you are like me, a family of 6, or if you are single or somewhere in between, meal prepping and simple food hacks will save your sanity.

Not only your sanity though. It will also save you loads of time during the week and also save money on groceries because you won’t throw away food.

Here are 5 of the best food hacks I use in my kitchen.

How to Cut Chicken Breasts Into Cutlets (Serious Eats)

There is a reason this website is called Serious Eats… because the food hacks they share are seriously needed. Like cutting chicken breasts perfectly to make them thinner (into cutlets). Last week, I bought cutlets from the grocery store and, as my 17-year-old son was eating them, he mentioned how much better they tasted due to them being thinner and juicer. The family agreed and I found myself surfing the Internet to learn how to cut the chicken. I am not about to invest money in cutlets every week. I have 4 sons and a hungry husband. That is a lot of chicken.

MONEY TIP: By cutting a regular chicken breast this way I am able to have double the chicken for the same price I would pay for pre-cut chicken cutlets.

5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There - chicken

Get The Most Out of Your Strawberries (Food Network.ca)

One of the very few things that bug me in the kitchen is when one of my sons is cutting up strawberries. I am so happy they are choosing berries over junk food, but seriously, when they cut off the stems why do they remove ⅓ of the actual berry? I am not trying to be cheap, but I could eat their trimmings and become full pretty quickly. This new (to me) food hack comes in handy and the kids think it is fun. A plus side, if you have small children, this is now a safe way for them to prepare their own strawberries.

MONEY TIP: Purchase a metal straw so that you are not investing in boxes of plastic and paper straws. Also, you will have less waste from your kids removing ⅓ of the berry. Your wallet and the landfill thanks you. 

5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There - berries

Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich That Never Goes Soggy (HuffingtonPost.ca)

I have been eating PB&J sandwiches for what seems like my entire life, especially when we were $3 from bankruptcy. But let’s roll back to grade school. By the time lunch rolled around, my PB&J sandwich was soggy. I may have started eating it, but I never finished it because of the texture. I know that since the 2000s peanut butter is banned from most schools, so now many parents are using an alternative ‘butter.’ These sandwiches are still soggy at lunch. Well, here is the hack that will save your child’s (and yours if you enjoy a PB&J every once in a while, like me).

MONEY TIP: The sandwich will actually get eaten and not thrown away. This means that the person eating the sandwich is not going to raid the fridge to eat everything in sight when they get home from school (or work) because they won’t be has hungry as they would have been if they didn’t eat lunch.

5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There - PBJ

Banana Peeling – Learn from Monkeys (Watch People Jump)

I learned this one a couple years ago and I actually posted a video on Facebook back then of me trying this for the first time. No one taught a monkey how to open a banana. Even if a monkey has never seen a banana they know how to open it. I believe that we have all been duped by a human who thought they knew best.

MONEY TIP: You will either stop throwing out rotten bananas, or like me, my freezer will not be filled with frozen bananas.

5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There - bananas

Speed Up Meatloaf (CookingLight.com)

I tried this one last week and I must say this hack made the best, juiciest meatloaf I have ever had. I am now thinking that I can use this hack to make epic meatballs for spaghetti too.

MONEY TIP: When meal prepping, this is a great way to cook ground beef for all kinds of different recipes. Also, you can make a bunch of them and freeze them for a later date.

5 of The Best Food Hacks Out There - meatloaf

These 5 food hacks make my life simpler, easier and fun. If you are anything like me, after you try these hacks you may admit that these are no brainers. You may ask yourself, How in the world did you make it this far without using them?!” But that is the point. Use these food hacks and allow them to help you to create a life that is easy, happy and fun.

Until next time my friend.

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