$3.00 From Bankruptcy

In the past, you may have heard me speak about being a hermit and an extreme introvert from the years 2002 to 2012. You may have also heard me talk about the money mindset or the lack thereof in my twenty’s. Perhaps you have also heard me talk about the unique manifestations that R.H. (my husband) and I have created and that in 2014, we moved into the dream house that was on our vision board. You may have even read my blog post on vision boards. But one thing you may have yet heard me share is HOW we went from $3.00 from bankruptcy to living in our dream home that we did not pay full price for.

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R.H and I believe that we manifest everything in our lives.

When I say everything, I mean if the result is great, good or bad, we created it. When we began learning and understanding that we were responsible for the outcomes in our lives, a lot of the end results were not so good. In this article, I am going to share just how a crappy end result became the biggest and most important lesson in our lives.

The Bills Are Paid, But No Money for Milk

In 2006, R.H. and I had two handsome sons and a third little boy on the way. We were running our bookkeeping business from home, and we had a client that I was personally working 30 plus hours a week for and the workload was getting heavier. This was such a blessing for our business and family. However, with the increased workload came more in-office visits. This meant that I was driving across town way too often, and I was losing time in the office, not to mention racking up the mileage on my vehicle. Because of the high demand and great pay, R.H. and I decided to move to the opposite end of the city to be closer to the client.

This was wonderful because the house we were currently living in was too small for our quickly growing family, and our dream was to always be in the west end of town. So, the move and the investment seemed like the right option at the right time. We were able to purchase a home for double what we sold our previous home for. We moved in, and everything was going right. The boys were happy they had space, I was happy because a 2-hour round trip commute was now only 5-minutes, and R.H. was happy because we were raising our young family in a beautiful community.

$3.00 from Bankruptcy - house we moved into in 2006.

The house we moved into in 2006.

That Is When the Ball Dropped

Within the first 60-days of moving into the new home, something went sideways with the client. It wasn’t something we did, but they decided that with the amount of time I was working that it would be best if they hired a full-time, in house bookkeeper. In the moment, I was so lost and confused, but looking back at it now, it made the most sense. It was just too bad we purchased our home, knowing that $4000 a month in income was coming from this one client. We were devastated, heartbroken and scared to death. For months and months, we budgeted, we lived on less, we went without and as time went on, we had to refinance the house twice to be able to live and feed our family. 

I recall one morning when we had an appointment and were running out the door late. I remember that the boys did not eat breakfast because we had no milk. It wasn’t because I forgot to pick some up at the grocery store. No, it was because after all the bills were paid, there was only enough money for a minimal amount of supplies and milk was not one of those supplies. We left the house with hungry bellies, mine being very pregnant, and headed to the appointment.

With the change in my purse, the last $3.00 left to our name, we decided to stop at the coffee shop to get whatever we could afford for the boys for breakfast. They ended up sharing an orange juice and a muffin. I remember them sitting in the backseat of the vehicle eating their breakfast, and I looked at R.H. with utter sadness in my eyes, asking, without saying a word, “why us?”

Why us?

R.H. knew what I was thinking, and he let out a loud noise that followed with what we now call a fit of righteous anger. “Why us?!” “What did we do wrong?!” And the one comment that I remember stronger than any other, “We are children of God, and He did not design this world for his children to live in lack!” …Let’s pause for a moment. Please, do me a favour and don’t get hung up on the word God. When speaking and teaching, we now use the word Spirit because the last thing we want is to upset or push people away. Okay, let’s continue..

Praying - $3.00 from bankruptcy                                                                                                  

Learn, Write, Seek, Action

After that moment we decided to look for help. We started researching and studying those who had been in our position but were now living a life of freedom from the grip. We read all about what they did and how they moved forward in life. In addition, we knew not to go through this alone. We also did not try to reinvent the wheel. We simply followed the steps they took and continued to educate ourselves, and to this day, we still do. Thirteen plus years later, R.H. and I are still working on our money mindset. Sure, we have accomplished great things with the 6-inches between our ears, but it takes a lot to retrain a subconscious mind that has had the same beliefs for over 25 years.

Here are a few of the baby steps that we took to get out of bankruptcy:

1. Learn

We had to get our hands on the resources that would teach us what we needed to know about mindset. We studied them like our lives depended on it because they did. But not only R.H and my life but these three incredible boys that we were raising. We listened to books and audios all day while working and all night while sleeping. We never stopped listening.

2. Write It Down

Like a kid at Christmas, making a list of the items and things you need and want works. From the teachings we engulfed ourselves in, we learned that writing these items down daily is very important (this is like a vision board). We figured out how much money we needed to get out of the mess we were in and to that, we added the amount of money that would help us to move forward in a healthy financial state.

$3.00 from bankruptcy - take action

3. Ask, Don’t Whine

Before searching for answers, we, like many people in the world, asked negative questions or whined about the situation. For example, “what am I doing wrong?” “Why me?” “Come on, I don’t get it!” And the best one, “it’s not fair!” These types of whining questions and statements do not help us move forward. We changed our words to match our new mindset. We began to ask questions like, “what’s next?” “Where do we go from here?” and “How do I….” Changing what we were thinking and how we were talking transformed everything.

We started seeing amazing opportunities, and began receiving new ideas to increase our income. We found money around the house, in snowbanks and on the ground at various venues. And, unbelievably, we were even gifted 5-digit monetary gifts multiple times. Once we were operating this area without even thinking about doing so, we moved from “how do I” questions to thoughts of, “I am already doing it (whatever it may be).”

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4. Take Action

Many believe that manifesting just happens. That you place a picture on a vision board, or you write your wants in a book, and then you sit and wait for it to show up. Please, let me be the first to tell you that does not work. How do I know? Because I tried it for about three years. Take it from me when I say that manifestation requires action. Once you move through the above three steps, you need to know when to act. When you are asking, “how do I?” And then the how shows up, whether, in a word of knowledge or an opportunity, you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION! If there is one idea you take from this blog post, it must be that you have to take action. As soon as you get an idea, a word or an opportunity, you must make a move.

New House

My dream home

These four steps are what took us from $3.00 from bankruptcy to living in a million-dollar home in 8 years, where we buy as much milk as our heart’s desire and with four sons in the house now, we are purchasing upwards to 12 litres, or 4 gallons for my American friends, a week. If there is one thing that we will never go without it is now milk, and I don’t even like it nor drink it… go figure, eh!?

The Importance of Manifesting

I could go on forever about all the stories that R.H. and I have lived over the last 16 plus years, including how we manifested things like a vacuum cleaner, a snowblower, front row parking spots at Costco, $50,000 – 2x, cars, trips, hotel stays, food, clothes and everything in between. Sometimes I even think that I have manifested the weather. But this is meant to be a blog post, not a novel, and you, my friend, may need to start working these four baby steps into your life. If you have never done so or have in the past but forgot about them, I personally invite you to start practicing them today. 

My crazy Family - $3.00 from Bankruptcy

My Crazy Fun Family

My hope is that for those who have read this blog post and may be on the verge of bankruptcy and not knowing what to do next or how you are going to pay for milk this week, that you will see hope. Hope for you and your future, because it is there. I promise you. Please, allow my stories to bring you a sense of peace and hope in knowing that you are not alone and that there is a better, happier life awaiting you. You need to trust and follow that with the learn, write, seek and action steps I gave you above.

It’s time my friends. It is time to Live Beyond Satisfied™

XO – Sara L. Clarke

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