Your Mind vs. Tongue

To me, this quote is 2 fold.
1.Remember the riddle “sticks and stones”? Mind vs. Tongue. The mind is stronger than the tongue. No matter what people say to you, you need to understand that you have the ultimate control over the situation and the words they are spewing. It doesn’t matter what people say, what matters is how you internalize those words. Either you can allow them into your mind and reek havoc or you simply say ‘sticks and stones my friend, sticks and stones’.

2. Your thoughts are stronger than your words. Thoughts create your future. Thoughts can happen without you consciously thinking. Just because you speak something out, doesn’t mean it is going to happen. You need to have the thought first, followed my the feeling of gratitude, excitement and appreciation, then speak it out and with this you will be able to create the opportunities to propel your life. Lastly, you have so many thoughts that you never speak out…why is that? Remember, the mind is stronger than the tongue.

~Sara xo

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