One of my most favourite (yes I am Canadian) sayings. Do you ever hear people say “Let’s Getter Done”? When I am working with business owners in regards to their time management I tell them that they need to adapt to the #getterdone mentality. The #GetterDone mentaoilt simply means, put away all distractions: cell phone, email, social media, household chores, cute fuzzy animals and anything else that distracts you, set a timer for the amount of time you have to work on the project and then put your blinders on – like a racehorse…and GO!

If you can accomplish the above with success, no checking or doing anything other than the task at hand, within the time frame that you set, then you will be apart of the #GetterDone Club! Tell me if you succeed, so that I can add you to ‘the club’!
~Sara xo

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