12 New Habits in 12 Months

There is a reason why New Year’s resolutions don’t work. 
There is a reason why goal setting does not work.
There is a reason why we forget what our ‘one word’ is by the end of the year.

The above doesn’t work because of the habits we have created within ourselves.

Being on the brink of a new year, we take time to make resolutions, set goals and choose the one special word. The process of creating all the above can be fun and empowering. What sucks is when the air is let out of the ’empowerment balloon’ because we lost the fire that we had on January 1st.

If you want to fly the empowerment balloon all year long, to keep your resolutions, reach your goals and live your one-word, then you need to change your habits. You may need to introduce some new habits along the way as well.

Your habits have gotten you to where you are now. If you are not 1000% happy with your life and you want to see results, to create a life that you love, then you have to change your habits!

You cannot hope to lose weight and yet not make a change in your habits to make room for going to the gym or meal prep. The same goes for personal and business goals. You can create goals, but if you don’t change your habits to allow yourself to work towards those goals, setting them does not matter.

Introducing… 12 New Habits in 12 Months

12 New Habits in 12 Months – creating life to Live Beyond Satisfied by changing your daily habits

12 New Habits in 12 Months is a guide to a short exercise that will help you create new habits for the year ahead. This short exercise will last you the entire year. It will help you focus on 1 habit a month while working on 12 habits in total. This guide will help you to completely change the areas of your life that you are not 1000% happy with and it is my New Year’s gift to you.

It is a super easy guide to follow. The hardest part will be picking up the habit and carrying it daily. I know that you can do it.

What Is Included in the Guide:

Instructions on how to complete this simple exercise, which should take you approximately 15-minutes to complete.

To make it super easy, I have given you a 1-page template to fill out and place it somewhere you will see it often.

I even included some habits that can change your life, just in case you need some help deciding.

I included mantras for you to use to keep your head in the game

Tips to help you create the most epic habit system so that you can set yourself up for success!

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And, in case you need a dose of ‘you can do this’ or ‘you are responsible for you and your actions’ then listen to my 2019 message I recorded for you!

It’s time for you to take control of your new year. It is time for you to make your life the most epic journey for you to live. I want you to bounce out of bed every single morning, excited to live the day ahead of you.

You can do this… I believe in you!

XO Sara L. Clarke

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